"I paint the internal and external landscapes of life's constant liminality.

Memory loss can haunt, like phantoms sheltering within our senses. My painting practice began as a needed outlet for this loss. After much reading and research, it became clear that most humans' memories are far from accurate. We ceaselessly weave and unravel our entwined portrayals. Life is full of continued erasures, reconstructions, and in-betweens. Now, the transitional and fuzzy spaces impel my paintings.

The work is abstract, applying acrylic and pencil on canvas, panel, and paper. I use my hands, no brushes, rubbing, scraping, erasing, scratching to connect with the surface. The process begins with stream-of-consciousness writing-- like non-linear, meditative poetry, focusing on immediate feelings and surroundings, vivid and blurry memories, as well as future ruminations. Each scribbling becomes the foundation for every painting while maintaining a physical and emotional presence throughout the painting process. Past, present, and future coalesce, morphing into the aliveness that is each painting."


Gigi Boetto grew up in Wisconsin and has lived in New York City for over 20 years. She holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Having explored many mediums over the years, Gigi has dedicated her studio practice exclusively to painting since 2013.