"I paint the internal and external landscapes of my memories and memory loss while contemplating the remembering and forgetting, and the subsequent embodying and disembodying that transpires in all of us. 


The work is a mix of abstraction and representation, using acrylic and oil on canvas, board, and paper. The process begins with stream-of-consciousness writing-- like bad, meditative poetry. These scribblings sometimes focus on my immediate thoughts and feelings, physical state, and present surroundings. At other times, they concentrate on a combination of vivid and blurry memories, creating new narratives that abandon historical ones--

a plant from yesterday, fruit from a decade ago, a religious symbol from childhood, or feelings from a teenage dream. Each "bad poem" becomes the foundation for every painting while also attempting to practice presence throughout the painting process.

Our memories unwittingly and perpetually change based on many factors-- environment, emotions, expectations, neglect, trauma, illness, change; the list is long. My work stems from a desire to bend away from nostalgia, practice more presence, and understand more about the deep connection between memory and imagination."


Gigi Boetto grew up in Wisconsin but has lived in New York City for over 20 years. Gigi holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Having explored many mediums over the years, Gigi has dedicated her studio practice exclusively to painting since 2013.