"I paint the internal and external landscapes of my memory while contemplating the remembering and forgetting that takes place in each of our lives. Our memories unwittingly and perpetually change based on many factors-- environment, emotions, expectations, presence, trauma, illness, and change. Our woven portrayals, their malleability, and the reconciliation of my past(and potentially future) memory losses fuel my work.


My landscapes are a mix of representation and abstraction, using acrylic and oil on canvas, board, and paper. The process begins with stream-of-consciousness writing-- allowing feelings, places, and objects to arise from any part of my past. These notations generate the subject matter for each painting, and their abandon to specific historical narratives- a plant from yesterday, fruit from a decade ago, a religious symbol from childhood, or feelings from a teenage dream. Emotions appear as colors, gestures, and abstractions. The near, the far, the clear, and the hazy create new landscapes exploring the connection between memory and imagination, and the potential for levity to impermanence." 


-Gigi Boetto


Gigi Boetto is a painter in New York City where she has lived for over 20 years. Gigi holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Raised in a small, homogeneously white town on an island on an inland lake in the middle of Wisconsin, memories of her childhood are present in all of her work. Gigi has been a dedicated painter since 2014. Having explored many mediums over the years, she finds two-dimensional compositions an additional challenge in containment, constraint, and rhythm.